Where to start?

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Dan Sims and I live in Central New Jersey. I have been through a lot of things this past year and I am just starting to gain some traction in really getting my life back on track.  Sadly, I have been using food as a crutch to deal with life’s challenges and gained a whole lot of weight, enough to put me at an all time high of 328 pounds as of 3 weeks ago.

I finally said ‘enough is enough’ and got serious about losing weight and working on all aspects of my life.  I lost 15 pounds in the first 3 weeks  My girlfriend Kareen told me that I was inspiring for her and asked that I post whatever motivation I am using to stay on track.  And so, this blog is designed to do just that.

The name persevere was inspired from a real life situation this week.   I was driving home from work with my head down (not while driving) because I was upset.   In front of me was a car with the license plate shown below.


I understand that not everyone believes in fate, but I believe this was the universe’s way of telling me to persevere through all off my challenges and stay on track.  That great things are soon to come!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

-Dan Sims


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