Stop talking yourself out…

Here’s a quick tip, once you have decided to commit to self improvement, take action on it right away!  If you are anything like me, you will start to talk yourself out of it as soon as you hesitate.   You mind will always drive you to the path of least resistance.   

For example, if you decide to work out after work, don’t go home and sit down.  Once you sit down on the couch and relax, your mind will give you all of the reasons why you can put it off.  And of course, you will tell yourself that you will do it tomorrow (but you won’t). 

Same rule goes for writing a blog/book, completing a home improvement project, etc.   Once you’ve made the commitment, take the first step immediately.  You’ll feel better about yourself afterwards!

Never give up on yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow πŸ™‚

-Dan Sims

12 thoughts on “Stop talking yourself out…

  1. Well, if this isn’t the perfect post for the blog I just wrote. How do you know, you should keep going? There are situations when you need to quit, for example a bad relationships, bad friendships, or bad jobs. How do you know when to quit?

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    1. Great question. In a vacuum, I’d say it’s time to quit when the situation isn’t fulfilling, and you don’t believe that it will be any better in the future. But every situation is different.

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