Whatever you are doing, make an impact!

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” -John F. Kennedy

Have you ever felt like whatever you are currently doing is a waste of time?   Or that you aren’t paid enough to do what’s being asked of you?   

I’m sure we all have, and I bet you’ve been right  sometimes.  Still, I’d like to challenge you to overcome this thinking and think bigger.  Start asking yourself, ‘What can I do to make an impact?  Who can I help?  What actions can I take to make the situation better than it is today?’.  Those questions are going to earn the respect of those around you and in time, you will get the recognition you desire.  On the other hand, bitching and complaining will just keep you miserable tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day… 

Zig Ziglar famously says, ‘You can get everything you want, if you are willing to help enough others get what they want.’.  I couldn’t agree more.  Lead with a servant’s heart and you’ll be surprised what opportunities surface!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

-Dan Sims 

11 thoughts on “Whatever you are doing, make an impact!

  1. I love it! Positive reaction and action is the key to success not complaints. You’re absolutely right. Even if we have to take smaller goals to eventually achieve the bigger picture negative actions, complaints, and attitudes will never get you to the success you want to achieve.

    You are so wise! Thanks for your continued insight. I’m so proud of you. I love you handsome!

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  2. Even when things are going particularly well for me I often find I require somebody to nudge me to look toward those that may benefit from some of the positive I’m enjoying. Thank you for being one of those people.

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  3. When my wife and I founded our performance ministry in the 90s, we named it Kingdom Impact Theater. We often wonder what kind of impact we’re making, especially when a performance is bumpy, the audience seems disconnected, or the economics ain’t there. We were having such a discussion about half hour ago. This year we have had many messages come to us to cause us to reevaluate how WE evaluate “impact” so that we realize our interpretation is not necessarily the right barometer for the moment. People are impacted in different ways. Our responsibility is to use the time we have to prepare the gifts we have to present them the best we can. If we do that, in our belief, we let God make the impact on others as He chooses THROUGH us. It’s liberating…provided we fulfill OUR responsibilty. Ah, there’s the rub. Your essay is a timely gift to us. Write on.

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  4. If doing for your country means caring for a loved one to the end, then I am serving with pride and a long tenure. It is hard work caring for a parent. Today was rough and my mind went to a place that was dark. We have days like this a lot! -this will be my thought in my blog tomorrow! Thanks!

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