Stay Humble/ Give More!

Let me share a lesson that I learned the hard way the last time I got fit.  About 6 years ago, I had lost 100 pounds and dropped to the healthiest weight of my life.  Then the compliments poured in.  Everywhere I went someone who hadn’t seen me in awhile would say, ‘Wow Dan, you look great!’.  It felt so good to be complimented after years of being embarrassed by my appearance.  I started to become addicted to the compliments.  

Once I got to a certain level of success, I started to feel as if others perception of me had changed.   These are the beliefs that I created about the situation:

-Now I’m looking better than some of my peers and they are jealous of my appearance. 

-I was more likeable when I was overweight because others weren’t threatened by me. 

You see, I failed to see what was really going on.  I was so focused on my own ego.  When I went out, I would scan the room and wait for someone to compliment me.  After all, I deserve it for all I accomplished. Right?  But as we all know, no one can be a good leader if they are all about themselves.   It wasn’t others looking at me different because of my appearance, it was because of my arrogance!

The lesson is that the real gift you get by being healthier is that you have more energy to help and serve others.   Sure, the compliments will still come, but that shouldn’t be your focus.  Look around the room and ask, ‘how can I care for and support others?’.  Use your new gifts to empower and grow the people around you and the love and recognition will come your way as well.   It’s the ultimate Win, Win!!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

45 thoughts on “Stay Humble/ Give More!

  1. I totally agree. It is time for us to do better and do what we can to give more. I recently just made a post about the same type of thing if you want to check it out-

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  2. So true! It mirrors what I’m trying to learn in my leadership opportunities – that a true leader isn’t out there doing everything by themselves because they’re the best at it; a true leader supports, develops, encourages others and celebrates their success.

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  3. I am in my early 60’s now. I have yoyo’d my way through my adult life since my children were born. It wasn’t there fault I put weight on because it came on after they arrived years later. I recently lost 34lbs and have now put about 10 back on. Stress eating.. my daughter is in hospital and has been for the last 3.5months with complications from surgery… day surgery. Weight loss whether 20 or 65 shouldn’t be about the compliments even though they feel pretty darn good. If we can’t find comfort in taking care of ourselves because of our health we are only battling the pressures of what expectations of the world look like. Our health… that comes first. Wise words Dan. good job!

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  4. Very wise words. I think it’s the same with health or anything really – if you have a skill pass it on, don’t hoard it. Sadly we live in a culture where people see competition where there is none and think everyone is ranked so that to win someone else needs to lose, when it should be we aspire for everyone to succeed!


  5. Great post. If the only reason you’re trying to loose weight is to get compliments on the way you look then you won’t really be successful and will probably get back to where you were before. The only way to truly make a lifelong change and have a positive impact on those around you is by being humble and recognizing that any changes made were made for the right reasons.

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  6. Thanks for this advice and encouragement. I am trying to lose 50 pounds right now and it’s not easy. It’s great to hear your perspective from you as someone who has succeeded at their weight loss goal.

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  7. I was a competitive bodybuilder, star softball player til I was 44 years old. An introvert intellectual. My identity was through athletics. One day I was injured and the compliments ended, friendships, I discovered were merely acquaintances. Ultimately it is how we see ourselves that counts.

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  8. Dan, great post. For every accomplishment in our life we must guard against Satan’s most reliable tactics: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life! He’s always lurking so he can interject at least one of those into our heart, mind or spirit. Praise God that we have a Comforter and a guide who is quick to bring to our remembrance who we are to be LIKE (Humble Jesus) – not ACT like (Prideful Satan – Especially since that is the very thing that got him KICKED OUT OF HEAVEN!!).

    Thank you for this wonderful posted reminder to stay HUMBLE, not matter how high God elevates us!!


  9. Congratulations on the weight loss! Thanks for sharing – we can all let ego get in the way at times, it’s a flaw of being human. You were able to recognise this and focus outward, it is something that takes patience and learning which I feel we are all capable of! Peace and blessings 🙂


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