Life’s a numbers game- and it usually takes only one to change everything.

Have you ever been discouraged because you can’t find a job, a partner, etc.? It’s really upsetting when you are banking on the perfect job that you apply for, only to find that they’ve selected another candidate. It’s easy to internalize it and feel bad about yourself. Now what do you do? My best advise is to just say, ‘F*@k it!’. Time to move on to the next thing.

Life is a numbers game and you only need one to say yes to change everything. Let’s say that you are in need of a job. To use round numbers, let’s say you send out 100 resumes and you get a job that you are really excited for. That makes you a real winner, right? But wait, isn’t that only a 1% success rate(100÷1)?

Exactly!! That’s the point. People get so upset at every missed opportunity but fail to realize that life rarely gives you a 1 to 1 return on your efforts. If you commit to pushing through rejection and not get down on your self, you can build an amazing life with just a 1% success rate. At the end of the day, you can’t have 100 jobs anyway. It only takes one!

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

15 thoughts on “Life’s a numbers game- and it usually takes only one to change everything.

  1. Wow this is so encouraging! In fact when I asked you for something, I was so sad it didn’t work out. But you are the only
    One I asked. You are right. What’s the point of hanging it up after one try!!!? Thank you for great reminder!

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