You Have No Credibility if You Don’t Walk the Talk!

I’m sure that you are exceptional at something. It could very well be more than one thing, but I will guarantee that there is at least one. On this topic, you are the expert that is a great resource for everyone to learn from. Be unselfish and share this gift with everyone who is willing to listen.

Outside of your area of expertise, you are probably average or below average at other aspects of your life. This might include schooling, work, parenting, etc… you get the point. If you know you aren’t exceeding at whatever you are doing, resist the temptation to volunteer and speak to these as if you are the expert. Sentences like, “This is what I’m doing” will make you look like a hypocrite if your audience is performing better than you currently are. If you get the feeling that someone is rolling their eyes at you, it is highly likely that others are as well. They are just hiding it better!

Don’t feel bad, you can’t be the best at everything! Focus all of your energy on what you are exceptional at and be the voice of experience and expertise. Have the humility to admit the areas that you struggle with and look for others that are strong in those areas to offer you guidance. You will see that others will have a much greater respect for you!

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

11 thoughts on “You Have No Credibility if You Don’t Walk the Talk!

  1. You make good points in your post however I am not convinced it can be said a so called expert always knows best. Even if an individual is not an ‘experr’ yet perhapsthey have some experience with a topic, or they are super passionate, learnt the ways not to do something or perhaps they are just beginning to explore a topic and are sharing their journey with the world. I want to hear from those people and about those things too. Everybody has a voice I think they deserve to be heard.

    Sentences such as “this is what I am doing” do not indicate that the person believes their way is the right way yet perhaps there is something in their choices that can inspire others to find their way.
    Let’s encourage people to share and be confident to follow their ideas and dreams because who knows what may come of them and how it may help them improve themselves in the future. Let everyone be encouraged to join the conversation.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your point of view. You make some great points and I can totally see where you are coming from. I agree, Everyone is encouraged to join the conversation and id love to see other’s thoughts and input.

      Thanks again!

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  2. I use “this is what I’m doing.” when asked, generally it is when someone wants to know one of two things: how I homeschool or about my workout program. I am not an expert in all things homeschool, I just have 12+ years experience and know what works for me. As for the workouts, I am a personal trainer, but there are certainly those more knowledgable than I. I just know what works for a large number of people and what works for me. Great post!

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  3. I hear what you’re saying and that is why if I ever speak on any topic, I preface it by letting people know it’s just my opinion. Thanks for sharing yours😊

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