Don’t worry twice

I’ve made this mistake many times in my life. I’ve been nervous about and event I had to go to, or a sports game I was playing in, or a tough conversation I had to have. Hell, I still do this to some extent.

The difference is that I have had enough experience to know that most times, the worry leading up to it is much worst than the situation itself. My fiance Kareen turned me on to that saying, ‘Don’t worry twice’. Try to remember that when you are getting anxious for a future situation.

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon šŸ™‚

-Dan Sims

6 thoughts on “Don’t worry twice

  1. I do worry twice for everything that has some sort of importance. I understand the all perverse and destructive thought process but can’t seem to be able to handle it. I preach it but don’t practice it. It is truly stronger than me and exhausting.
    Peace and serenity

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  2. Thank God I have youbro constantly remind me. My mind likes to slip into worry and panic mode sometimes. You are my rock! Which really brings me to the point that I have learned it is almost impossible to be calm when you have the wrong support systems in place. šŸ™‚ I am lucky I have the right one! I love you šŸ’•

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