Don’t get too high with the highs, or too low with the lows!

I have learned that the key to success is to be humble and not take yourself to seriously. Life is tough and rapidly changes. Sometimes you feel on top of the world and nothing can stop you. Be careful, because things will not always stay that way.

There are also times that you feel as if things are as bad as they could ever be and there is no way out. That is never the case. Evaluate your situation and brainstorm possible solutions. You will be surprised how many you will come up with. Choosing one and following through then becomes the easy part.

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

5 thoughts on “Don’t get too high with the highs, or too low with the lows!

  1. Reblogged this on SnobNot and commented:
    I lost a very dear bracelet on the street, it was picked up bu a random women and 5 hours later, I got it back.
I thought it was payback for someone i might have accidentally hurt, or a sign that i am taking the wrong decisions in my life right now and a may other thoughts and sign related ideas in my head.
But i got it back.. does that actually mean something or maybe nothing at all…

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