You Can’t Wait for Someday to Come!

I have fallen victim to this many times before.  I will say that things will work out as soon as I lose weight or get healthier.  Then I’ll have the confidence to take action and be successful.  What I was really telling myself is that I didn’t believe that I was good enough now to make an impact and be successful.  Now weight isn’t the hurdle for everyone, but it is for me.  For you it might be getting the next promotion, or earning someone’s love, etc.  Either way, I believe that most of us find an excuse to talk ourselves out of reaching our greatness because deep down we don’t believe we are perfect enough to deserve it.  You’ll just continue to wait for someday to come, and guess what, It won’t!

Fuck that!!  Life doesn’t work that way and no one is perfect!  You need to have the courage to try your best today and not sit on the sidelines because you are scared to fail.  If you laugh at your mistakes and failures, the other will laugh along with you, not at you.  Plus, your humility will earn the respect of the others around you.  Plus you’ll have the off-chance that you might actually succeed at what you are doing.  Imagine that!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

19 thoughts on “You Can’t Wait for Someday to Come!

  1. I try every day to be the best I can but somehow I always manage to end the day on a low. But every now and again I succeed in hopping in to bed on a high thinking ‘well that was a fabulous day’, even if only for a fleeting moment I can believe that ‘she’s didn’t completely ruin me ☺.

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  2. being the best and being the best that YOU can be are very different. I keep my expectations low. Any day that I don’t hurt myself, need to be hospitalized or eat less than 1 donut is really a good day Dan. In all seriousness if you did your best and you know it that’s all you can do. Nice post man

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  3. Love this! Sometimes you do just have to say, “F it!” And go for your dreams! It feels like I’m doing it more and more these days! Life is meant to be lived fully and authentically! Sending love and positive vibes to you! Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend! 😀🌈💖

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  4. I struggle with this. When I realized I was waiting to be perfect enough, I began to make an effort to check in with myself to get out of that mindset.

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  5. I am totally aware of that and I agree with you. I have many dreams and goals myself, but I didn’t really progress much. The fact that you overcame your fear was awesome and I hope I can overcome my fear as well as you did. It’s a nice little story with clear values. Thank you and keep it up. 😊

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  6. Dan, I feel the exact same way! I try to find happiness in the small details of today. I do not dwell on the past and I do not worry about the future. I live in the present. I’ve actually lost weight, because I’m not focusing on it all of the time. Thanks for your writing. I enjoy reading your posts!

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