The Roller Coaster Story

I’ve read and listened to a lot of motivational stuff in my time. When you listen to enough, overcoming your fears is a topic that comes up a bit much. Your fears are always much worse than the reality. Let me share a quick story of my journey through self-improvement.

I have always been afraid of heights, so what better place to start. I decided that I would go to Six Flags Great Adventure and ride every roller coaster in the park. I walked over to the Green Lantern ride and got in line for about an hour. I kept telling myself, ‘You can do this. Overcome your fears!’ over and over. I was pumping myself up and was ready to go.

That is, until I got to the front and I was in line to be the next to go on. I started to sweat and shake. I was so petrified that I decided to chicken out. Even worse, there was no exit gate so there was no easy door to escape. I had to walk all the way back through the line.

I was so embarrassed and let my head hang down as I retreated through the hour long line of people. “Excuse me. Pardon me. Excuse me.” I continued to say as I worked my way down the line. I didn’t see many of the people I passed since my head was down, but I did make eye contact with a few of what seemed like 9 year old boys and girls who had the courage to conquer the very same ride that I just cowered from. I remember getting all the way through the line and picking up my head to look back at the ride. I thought to myself, ‘There is nothing that could’ve happened on that ride that would’ve been worse than the regret of not going on that I feel now’.

I’ve lived my life with that mindset ever since. Whenever I feel scared and want to run away from a situation, I remember that the fear of going through it is never as bad as the regret of not doing it. Don’t let fear hold you back! You can handle whatever challenges life throws at you!!

P.S. I went back about a week later and conquered the Green Lantern for myself. I have since retired from riding roller coasters and focus all of my energy on conquering the real roller coaster that we call life!

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

6 thoughts on “The Roller Coaster Story

  1. This is the story that made me fall in love with you! And now everyday I find a new reason to love you more. Your courage is an example of how I choose to live my life. Thank you for writing this. I needed this today to remind me to stay on track despite my fears. Your life has always been an example to me of how to live mine and I am incredibly lucky I get to be your wife someday. I love you Dan!

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  2. I am scared of heights too. If I go anywhere even a little bit out of my comfort zone my husband often has hold of my hand. Sometimes I am brave enough to let go and goes on ahead to spot any areas that might be a problem. While going up a steep hill in Turkey to reach an ancient ruin I became very anxious but pushed on regardless. My husband made it to the top but we both agreed it would be too difficult for me. I have arthritis in my knees and at the time a tumour in my thigh so I gave up. I asked him to take a picture of the view for me. When I saw the picture I gasped as the part of the view I hadn’t see was a huge cliff to the side of the path. I had no idea how high up I was. My husband knew and had been watching out for me the whole time.

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  3. I am scared of everything. Seriously, everyday is a battle for me. So awesome that you went back and conquered that roller-coaster. I don’t know if you have ever heard of a guy called Bear Grylls. If not – he is a survival specialist here in the UK. He has done TV shows of him being placed into a unfamiliar place to attempt to find his way to civilisation – from the desert to Alaska, he has done it. But, he has also done survival shows with celebs… I think he did one with Obama and I remember watching the one he did with Zac Effron. He also does this thing called Survival School for kids, and when they get scared in doing a task, he always says ‘you’re gonna love it’ and the thing is… they always do. (Does seem I have some obsession with Bear Grylls). So awesome job. Life is scary but with each passing day you will conquer something new and in the end you’re gonna love it. 🙂

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