Slow down!

My mind is always racing. I spend way too much time worrying about what is to come. Not just what is actually going to happen, but all of the way things might happen. Of course things didn’t often turn out as planned anyway. Although, once I became aware, I started to think much differently.

I have found that there needs to be scheduled and intentional time to plan the future. Equally, there should be such time to reflect on the past. The rest of the time needs to be spent in the present. Many of us are so busy looking ahead or behind us that we miss what is going on in the moment! And in many ways, the moment is all that we truly have!

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

20 thoughts on “Slow down!

  1. I love this-after all today is a gift so live in the present…or something like that. hahaha

    But in all seriousness we do need to be in the here in now. We need to put down the phones and be mindful of the moments that are happening around us before they become part of the past. Life moves too fast and before you know it, you can’t get back those moments.

    I love you!

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  2. Brilliant post! I feel like it’s very important to both, look where you have come from and also plan your future but living in the present is extremely important for your personal happiness! 🙂 Glad you’ve become aware of it by the way!

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  3. Couldn’t of put it better myself, I love that you schedule times to think about the past and future because that’s a way of recognising you will have those thoughts so you allocate a small amount of time to them and then focus on being mindful! I think that’s something I will try to do. Thanks for your encouraging words!

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  4. Your blog helped me a lot today. It usually helps, but today it is special. I’m sick, both of my daughters are sick, two women who are close and dear to me are in hospital, and all I’m thinking about are those things I was supposed to do or wanted to do. Whereas this is the moment I should devote to those I love. Thank you so much for your wrtining and sharing your wisdom.

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  5. Loved your thought. It happens the same to me. Sometimes I find relief in mantras. My favourite one is Gayatri Mantra… maybe you’ll love it too.

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