How Reliable are you?

Are you someone who can be counted on to be there when you are supposed to? Are you considerate to others and start and end meetings or appointments on time? To be successful, you need to be reliable and trustworthy. If your track record is a good one, people will more than likely consider you for more responsibility and/or promotions.

It all starts with the basics. So be early, dress the part, and bring your smile and positive energy.

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

8 thoughts on “How Reliable are you?

  1. Hmm; short but sweet.
    Thank you for viewing my posts. It appears you are another of the many inspirational speakers here, and I will have to give you some latitude, so as to take in all that you offer.
    Have a wonderful evening Dan.


  2. Is there such a thing as too reliable? My partner think I go way above and beyond being considerate to others sometime to the detriment of myself. Is this possible? I have always tried to be as dependable as I can to try to make life that little bit easier for those I know which I hope pays forward. Who knows maybe some just take advantage.


  3. That’s true. Creating a good track record can help you in the long run. This was a nice post, thank you for sharing.

    Love, Cynthia 🙂


  4. I love this. Perfect read as I patiently wait for a meeting with a potential client who needed to meet at 8:30pm at Panera! Thanks for the reminder for why I am doing this!

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