Don’t be so hard on yourself!

I’ve found that I am usually much harder on myself when things go wrong. I would beat myself up and say the worst things to myself in my head. I would feel worthless and walk around upset and overwhelmed. That’s how I lived for the majority of my life.

But in time, I’ve learned that shit happens! Sometimes you screw up, and you just need to own it and move on. There is no need to beat yourself up and add meaning that isn’t necessary. Just laugh it off and fix it.

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

7 thoughts on “Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  1. Hiya, Dan!!! Boy, did I need to hear this today. I’ve been sitting here all day berating myself for my lack of motivation and willpower. I’ve been slacking in my exercise for the past couple of weeks. I have had a lot occurring lately and the gym just got pushed out first (ya know, the money earning comes first). My weight has still been going down, just not as quickly. And last night I stayed up WAY too late and slept til almost noon today. There went my exercise class again and I’ve just vegged today. I have to give myself the grace to let it go every once in a while and know that tomorrow I’ll try to do better. Thanks for all your wise words. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!!

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  2. Basically you are perfect in my eyes so don’t beat yourself up. Look at your areas for improvement as a blessing to be the best version of yourself. I can’t imagine you more perfect personally….

    I love you hubby to be ❤️

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  3. I think it’s human nature to do exactly that. By doing so it holds us down and or back from progressing. Once you figure out that it is what it is and is now out of your control, and you move on, life gets better. If you look around at those that are always laughing and smiling and truly living life happily, you’ll notice that they have figured this part out. I am very critical of myself, I have to work hard to relax and not beat myself up over the stuff that really don’t matter. Great post, it’s a great reminder to lighten up on ourselves and live life.

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  4. Now that’s some beautifully written words of wisdom and I could not agree more with each and every word!

    Trying to find someone to blame for things gone wrong is a basic human trait and unfortunately we are the closest hook available…

    I love your note, it gives people a sense of ownership and yet shows them a practical side of how to deal with it without killing ourself over it…

    God bless you and keep writing! I am surely looking forward to your work 🤗😊❤

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