Be Grateful for What You’ve got!

We all have dreams and goals.  Maybe you don’t have the car of your dreams.  Maybe you don’t have the job you dream of.  Maybe you are still looking for the perfect relationship.  You get the point…

Don’t get so caught up in the daily grind that you lose sight of what you have.  Take the time to give gratitude for all of the great things you do have.  You most likely still have your health, a home, family, friends, etc.  Even if you might not have all of those things, you still have a chance everyday to work on your own development and gain the experience and skills needed to get the things that are missing.

Life is too short.  Find a way to smile everyday.  Laugh even you fell like crying.  Listen to your favorite music.  Watch a great movie.

You’ve got great things ahead of you!  Don’t lose sight of that.

-Dan Sims

3 thoughts on “Be Grateful for What You’ve got!

  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts and Insights of a Swedish Latter Day Saint and commented:
    My first like ever on my new blog came from this guy Dan Sims. Thank you Dan. I like his blog post from 16th of July alot. I think life should have much more of this since gratitude never fails. You can never be too greatful.

    However, I have learned over the years that there is a thin line of being contend and greatful for life and the risk of settleing in your ways. Befor I got married. I was contend with my life. I had a job, income, an own apartament, a car and the nature very close to where I lived. I was healty and I had friends. Life was good.

    I noticed however when I met my wife that contentment is something relative. She wasn’t content with my “greatful” situation of life. She wanted me to advance forward, finish my degree at university, change job to work with something that I actually liked doing. She wanted to leave the sourrounding area I lived in and move to Stockholm. She wanted me to loose weight and become more attractive. At the end she won as women usually does. I graduated, changed job, went through a gastric bypass, moved to Stockholm… and guess what.. She was all right. I have never been happier in my life then I am right now.


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