Stop Complaining- Nobody Cares!

I found myself in an all too familiar funk today.  You know, the usual ‘whoa is me’ bullshit.  Today’s situation is irrelevant, it’s the same feeling I get when I feel overwhelmed, or taken for granted, or not appreciated.   I started to go down the rabbit hole of self pity when I remembered a great little quip I had read the book in the book ‘Ignore Everybody’ by Hugh Macloed pictured below.

So instead of complaining to others, I put on some uplifting music to feel better.  It’s a playlist I made called ‘motvation’ which includes positive songs I can listen to when I am need a boost of energy and positive thoughts.  I encourage everyone to find such an outlet when they start to think negatively instead of bitching and complaining.

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

-Dan Sims

7 thoughts on “Stop Complaining- Nobody Cares!

  1. Totally agree… Who wants to hear the whining and the moaning… In fact most are probably happy it is happening to you rather than to them.

    When I meet an individual who is whining and moaning I listen and sympathize for 5 minutes TOPS!!!…. Then My question to them with a straight face is Sooo what you gonna do about it?…. Thats it, period! And if i continue to hear them whine and moan.

    I immediately give solution’s, and if I notice it has gone in one ear and out the other.

    I WALK AWAY, Yeah I said, I get up if seated and walk away. I have not got time for that shit… Maybe this is why all the individuals in my life (And there is a lot) are in my life, because they know if I want to be a part of hippos life I NEED TO UP MY STANDARDS!

    No bullshit
    No complaining
    No whining
    No moaning
    No excuses
    No lateness
    No excuses
    And if there is a problem we put our minds together and come up with a solution then put that solution to ACTION!…. Immediately!!

    We all follow Nike – JUST DO IT!

    And all are either where they want to be, or nearly there and once there out looking for the next challenge!

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  2. I found your blog very helpful, especially because the length of your posts is just enough to leave me thinking but not overwhelm. Thank you for sharing!

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