Shift your focus to those that matter!

Enjoy the moment.  Sure, you made not have the perfect job your aspiring towards yet.  You might not have the home, the car,etc. that you dream of/  Don’t waste the day feeling upset over what may or may not be in store for you in the future.  One day, you will look back fondly at this stage of your life and the struggles you’ve overcome.

My advise is to focus your energy on sharing love with the people around you that deserve it.  We often spend too much time worrying about pleasing other people who most often won;t give you their approval anyway.  Spend more energy appreciating those around you that you might have taken for granted.  The rest will work itself out.

Have a great weekend!!

5 thoughts on “Shift your focus to those that matter!

  1. Hey! thanks for sharing such an wonderful thought with us…it was truly amazing to read what you wrote…if you have some time pls go through my blogs and if you liked them pls don’t forget to tell me in the comment section…i am looking forward for your valuable feedback….thanks a lot…have a great day…

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  2. Hey Dan — I like your thoughts. I would get more out of them if you told them in personal story form. So… what did being in the moment do for you or someone else? What happened when you started loving the people around you in a more intentional, present way?

    Thanks for writing!

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