Don’t sacrifice yourself for anyone.

What is it that makes you special?  Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself that question?

We all have strengths and opportunities.  Your strengths are the core of what makes you great.  These are the gifts that you have been given to make a difference.  Try to find a path in life that allows you to excel and add value.

People are going to try to change you.  They don’t have bad intentions, they just want you to react to a situation the way that they would.  They might tell you that you are, too shy, too nice, too loud, etc.  I can tell you from experience that you can’t allow their pressure to change who you are fundamentally.

Don’t over-correct your actions.  I’ve been told many times that I am too nice.  I’ve tried to ‘toughen up’ and walk around with a chip on my shoulder.  I’d walk through the day waiting for the shoe to drop with a “Nobody’s going to fuck with me” attitude.  So how did it go?  Horribly!!  Instead of being the funny, supportive, caring person that I am, I turned into a fake tough guy who sacrificed all of my gifts to be someone I am not!

Stay true to yourself!


4 thoughts on “Don’t sacrifice yourself for anyone.

  1. The person you are at your core is perfect. Anyone who tries to change you is someone you probably don’t want to listen to anyways. They may have nefarious intentions. You keep doing you! You are incredible. (yes, I know I am biased)

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