Don’t wait for the acceptance of others!

We all are hard wired to please everyone else.  We foolishly tie our self worth to gaining the acceptance of our parents, peers etc.  We are willing to sacrifice our own happiness in order to become what others want from us.

What people fail to realize, is that you will get much more respect being true to yourself.  Otherwise you will become a bad imitation of someone else.  No one wants that.  Not even the person you are trying to impress.

Do what makes you happy.  Fuck what other people think of it!  The ones that truly love you will still love you though your journey.  Take that stress off of your shoulders.  It’s not doing you any good.

Life is too short.  Make it count!





6 thoughts on “Don’t wait for the acceptance of others!

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m such a people pleasing person and overthink everything! Just recently finished reading “UnF*ck yourself”. Trying to learn to live by this! I may be old but still learning.

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