The world doesn’t owe you anything

We live in a very entitled world nowadays.  People often believe that they are owed something for nothing.  Sometime we believe that we are owed a good relationship without putting in the work.  We are owed a promotion or raise based on tenure.  We haven’t necessarily have done the work or shown the progress yet, but we promise we will once we get the title.  Humbly, I admit that I have felt victim to this type of thinking as well.

The recipe for success isn’t complicated, it’s just much easier said than done.  Focus your energy on delivering for the people around you.  Deliver on the results that are important to your boss.  Deliver on the support and development of those around you.  Deliver on committing to your development and put in the time it takes to read the books, listen to the speeches, and challenge yourself to go outside of your comfort zone.  Otherwise, you will be in the same place next year.

You’ve got this!  All you need is the desire to grow and the patience to wait until things materialize.

-Dan Sims

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