Once you’ve committed, you’ve already succeeded!

Take action today!  Once you’ve set you goals, take action towards achieving them.  Live life today as the person that you want to become.  If you want to be 50 pounds less, the start eating better and exercising as if you already look like the person you’d want to become.  If you aspire towards a higher position at your job, start dressing like you would for that positions.  Start communicating and carrying yourself the way you’d like to when you ultimately get the position.

We make the mistake of believing that we need to wait until we get the accomplishment before we can become who we want to be.  We fail to realize that the world doesn’t work that way.  It’s only when you change, grow and prove yourself to be ready that the opportunities that you are looking for begin to surface.  It rarely works the other way!

Taking action and making the commitments is the hard part.  The success you will gain is a by-product that will come in time.

-Dan Sims

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