Don’t get overwhelmed!

Life is stressful.  You’ve got work obligations, family obligations and other stress on your shoulders at all times.  And with advances in technology and the access we have on our cell phones, it can seem harder to disconnect and decompress now more than ever.  I wish that I could offer you a magic pill or silver bullet that would solve it, but sadly none exists.

With all of that said, it is important to remember that allowing yourself to get in a state of overwhelm is the worst thing you could possibly do.  You don’t think clearly when you are overwhelmed.  You panic and believe that the circumstances are more than you can handle.  Ultimately, you lose your power to make clear, intelligent decisions which can have serious consequences.

So take time for yourself to meditate, exercise, watch a movie or whatever it is that allows to to detach from the stress and rejuvenate.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, allow yourself to cool down and take time to make an important decision.  After all, you have the ability to overcome your current obstacles and make strong decisions to set yourself up to be in a better position in the future.

You git this!

-Dan Sims





2 thoughts on “Don’t get overwhelmed!

  1. the overwhelm paralyzes me from being productive, because I only stress or spend my time evading the problem by “decompressing”. I can’t get myself to actually do the work that will actually resolve my problem.


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