It will happen when you least expect it…

I had the privilege of sitting with a Vice President of my company this past Thursday morning.  We had a great conversation about running a business and the importance of focusing on driving the employee experience.  I was very impressed with how interested he was in listening to my feedback on how we can improve as a company.

The conversation shifted to him asking about my personal aspirations for advancement.  We discussed different career path options and he offered me the following advice:

“The call will come when you least expect it.  It’s like watching a pot of water boil.  When you stand in front of a pot of water heating up, it seems to take forever to boil and it never seems to boil.  However, if you walk away from the pot and come back a bit later, the water is boiling.  Focus on doing well in your current role and the call will eventually come.”

It is great advice.  Keep focused on the job at hand and the opportunity will eventually come in time.

-Dan Sims

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