You are the message!

I spend a lot of time thinking about what to write.  What is the message that I want to share with others that I haven’t already?  What should I write about?  What is my message today?

If you find yourself asking these questions I have one piece of advice for you.  Remember that YOU are the message.  If you are heavy into fitness, then the message is fitness.  If you are a great leader, then leadership is your message.  I could go on and on.

The point is that I could speak or write about anything.  But the message is weak if I don’t live it.  It would be easy for the audience to spot that I am not authentic.

Always stay true to yourself!  We all have something great to share.  Find your voice and share your gifts.

Dream Big!

-Dan Sims

7 thoughts on “You are the message!

  1. As I sit here thinking about being true to yourself .. A few things come to mind . The joy I wake up with every morning . No one can take that away . L am talking about the unspeakable joy . The joy that continually makes me smile through it all . The next would be my faith of just a mustard seed . Doing what is right And everything will fall into place . Passion , yes passion for what you do and who you are . Where would I be if I didn’t have these things . Would I be true to myself? Would I be able to exemplify to others .Jill Neil

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