Welcome to the New Normal

Like many of us, I have finally accepted that this COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going to blow over anytime soon.  I live in a state that hasn’t reopened yet.  Even when we do reopen, it will not be life as we remember it.  Social distancing isn’t going anywhere.  Face masks aren’t going anywhere.  We have no choice but to accept it.

Try to stay focused on the good things in your life.  Take the time to reach out to someone close to you.  We are all feeling the disconnect during this time of isolation.  You have a chance to be a hero and make someone’s day.   You have the power to make someone smile, that frankly, feels like they have nothing to smile about.  Don’t sell yourself short.  You can be an incredible source of energy for someone who desperately needs it.

Dream Big!

-Dan Sims

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