Let’s Gooooo!

What happened to us? We used to be alive. I mean really alive! We weren’t stressed out about our responsibilities. We weren’t worried about our next challenge. We weren’t skeptical about what others are doing, and even less important, what their intentions secretly are. As children, we faced life with endless excitement and energy.

Below is a video of my son Charlie and his best friend Clyde at the playground. They were committed to recording the perfect ally-oop(lob pass) to slam dunk over the monkey bars. As you hear in the beginning, this took “so many tries”! Still you could hear their excitement as they continued to try. They didn’t get discouraged and frustrated when they previously failed. They didn’t blame the wind, or the camera person, or anything else. They pushed forward with a positive energy that many of us haven’t felt in years. Am I wrong?

I like to think that when they grow up, Charlie will be throwing those ally-oop passes to Clyde in the NBA. But maybe that’s not what he will want. Maybe he’ll want to be a doctor or a teacher. Maybe he’ll strive to own his own business. I’ll love and support him no matter what. The truth is that what I want most for him is to be this happy and excited through whatever life’s challenges have in store for him! I bet that’s what the people that love us secretly want most for all of us.

Let’s all strive to attack life with this level of optimism, commitment, and excitement! Let’s Goooooo!

Dream Big!

-Dan Sims


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