About Dan Sims

Perseverance has been a cornerstone of how Dan Sims has lived His life. Through many challenges that He has overcome both personally and professionally He has learned to never stop believing in himself. Now He is on a journey to take what He has learned and inspire others with the same message.


Dan Sims is an up and coming motivational speaker who currently resides in the central New Jersey area. He has been in management and leadership positions for over 15 years.

Dan began by performing comedy in cities such as Las Vegas, NYC, and Atlantic City, but after years of making people laugh He realized His purpose was bigger than just a momentary happiness. He knew His calling was to leave a long-lasting impression and inspire others to persevere through tough times and achieve success in all aspects of life.

To transition into public speaking Dan began to blog his thoughts at dansims.blog. Now His blog has thousands of followers and His words have been heard worldwide. Dan’s message to others is not just about self-respect, but about how to thrive through and after difficult times.